About Moti Mahal Deluxe

A combination of comfort, music and excellent food will allow guests at Moti Mahal Delux to experience an enjoyable dining experience. We believe that dining out is about social interaction and relaxation not distractions. Every element of the restaurant is designed to create a positive experience for our guest.

It is said that you could travel the length and breadth of India and not repeat the same dish at any meal. Thus any restaurants claim to represent Indian cuisine in all its diversity would face a formidable challenge. Hence we collected interesting homemade recipes to make your gastronomic sojourn a delightful journey. The chefs brought in from Moti Mahal Delux, New Delhi are amongst a handful who have access to the secrets of traditional Mughlai food the legendary Peshawari community feast of 36 courses and the world renowned Tandoori Chicken a must at any of our franchises. The Moti Mahal Delux menu features a large repertoire of vegetarian dishes in addition to the most authentic dishes this side of the Indus.

Our restaurants pride itself on its ability to accommodate a clients demand from table configurations through to the creation of original festive menus for a truly original celebration.

Shades of warm earthy hues create the perfect setting for a hypnotic evening only to be topped off by live ghazals infused in every corner.


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